Your Most Important Decision of the Day

If you’re like me, if you’re human, if you have a pulse, then you make lots of decisions everyday. Most of them are tiny decisions, made with barely a conscious thought. Brand of gum to chew, water with lemon or lime, which color of socks should I wear today. Those are easy (I hope) decisions and they have little or no lasting impact on your future.

Some are more consequential, they shape your future and you likely give them a fair amount of thought.

Some are downright huge! The have long-range of even life long impact on your life. You do research, fact check, ask others for advice and struggle to be sure of your decision.

But one, one decision is the biggest of all. It is positively monumental! 

It’s a decision you should be making everyday. In fact, it might be wise to make it several times a day. Yet most people never make it at all. Many people don’t even realize it’s a decision that is available for them to make. You may be one of them.

So, what is this monumental decision. It’s the decision on whether or not you’ll have a positive attitude. 

YOU get to decide that. 


ALL DAY!     

If you’re like most people you probably never even give that decision a thought. You just allow your attitude to be determined by the people around you and the events of your day. 

If you’re like most people your attitude “reflects.” The attitude of successful people “radiates.” 

The most successful people decide that they, and they alone, will control their attitude. Nothing and no one will rob them of the incredible strength, focus, and energy provided by a positive attitude.  Sometimes they have to make that choice more than once a day, sometimes many times a day. But make it they do!

Attitude is contagious. It seems as if a negative attitude is the most contagious of all. The best antidote to a negative attitude is a decision. It’s a decision to choose, and choose positive. 

It’s a decision that is yours and yours alone. All you have to do is make it! 

4 thoughts on “Your Most Important Decision of the Day

  1. Yes… and to test if your “attitude” can change the outcomes of your day/week/life, try changing it and see how long it takes your day to change too… so if your attitude is good and healthy then your day should be the same – bad attitude = bad day – the choice is yours to make so make a good choice.

    Thanks Steve – great info bite! – The online Nutritionist

  2. Being nerdly, I absolutely love that this post was set to the beginning of time! Kudos for making my day. πŸ™‚

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