Your Greatest Competition

I like competitive people. I like people who enjoy winning. I’d hire people who hate losing. The desire to compete creates the opportunity to succeed. 


While the desire to complete is key understanding who your competition is can be even more important. Successful competitors believe their competition is some other person or some other organization. The most successful competitors know that their greatest competitor is the person they see in the mirror each morning. 


Too many people try to be better than someone else. The most successful people worry less about other people and more about themselves. They focus on what they can control and the only thing they have complete control over is themselves. They work to be better tomorrow than they are today. They know that even if it’s only a little better that a lot of littles add up to something big. 


The most successful people invest in themselves to ensure consistent improvement. They read more than less successful people. They find training, not just to shore up their weak spots but to further strengthen their strengths. 


The most successful people have a coach or a mentor because they know a second sets of eyes, a second opinion and a second set of experiences can make a world of difference in competitive situations. 


To be more successful don’t worry about what someone else is doing. You have little to no control over them. Focus on yourself, focus on what you can control. Focus on making yourself a little more effective each day. 

Be better tomorrow than you were today because all those tomorrows create for you the opportunity to put distance between yourself and any competitors not named you.

9 thoughts on “Your Greatest Competition

  1. This afternoon I had an interesting conversation with my children and they made it clear that we all need an outside perspective of ourselves because we have blind spots. #profound

  2. The competition is in-between our own true self. Sometimes I ask, what happens if you fail to defeat yourself? what pops up if one fail to identify its core values and merge it up with its origin? The problem lies in who we truly are and what our goal stands for because, a man without a goal and dream is subtly trailing on another competitors track. Thanks!

  3. This is an outstanding article which nails the most important point that we need to compete with our yesterday’s selves. Thank you for this.

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