The Two-day Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? I hope so because I have a challenge for everyone who reads this blog and even for the guy who writes it. (that would be me) This is really a simple but not easy challenge where everyone wins (you and those around you). No real risk exists (except for the risk of failing but truly this is the type of challenge where just the attempt makes you a success) and it requires no additional time.


Within the next two weeks, set a two-day period to inspire others with your positive attitude – two days where you’ll put on blinders to anything negative and be the one in your organization and family who everyone else can count on for words and actions that inspire and encourage. Two days where you’re the light for other people – your colleagues, your family, your friends and even your customers.


Allow nothing negative to enter your head and focus only on lifting up those around you.

Once you set your two days, fully commit to the effort regardless of the inevitable challenges, regardless of the news, the sports scores or any other negative people around you. Fall off the positive wagon at 1:11 on the first day? Get back on at 1:12 – no excuses. No matter how many times you come up short start again until your two days are complete. Two days. Be strong! Stay strong!


Remember, you wake with an option for your daily attitude. Challenges will come up regardless. Choose to have a positive attitude at all times and commit to spreading it for two days.

Not only will your positive attitude be contagious, it might become a personal habit – a personal habit that motivates you. A habit that motivates others as well. Go for it!

If you accept the challenge let us know in the comments section and then come back when you’ve completed the challenge and let us know how it went. You might be surprised in the difference the choice of a positive attitude can make but I won’t be. 

16 thoughts on “The Two-day Challenge

  1. Tried it before and didn’t meet up.. will give it a try again, this time getting a positive response.

  2. Accepted. I’ve been working on this lately. But the two-day challenge gives better focus. Still Considering – in terms of habit building – whether to increase the number of days gradually or to increase the frequency of the two-day periods.

  3. Attitude defines altitude. I have taken this challenge to be a published author and now I have achieved that like many of my other life dreams.
    Positive mental attitude is the the key that open all doors and passport to take anywhere you want to go and the password to reimagine and invent your new sought after higher self.
    The Straight Path To Success is the title of my new book.
    I welcome the change and embrace the challenges Steve.

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