What Would You do to Succeed?

I would do anything in order to _____________________. Go ahead and fill in the blank for yourself. Have you ever said that to yourself or to someone else? I’ve said it when it was clear to the people around me that it wasn’t true. When I took the time to reflect on what I had said it became obvious to me as well that it wasn’t true. 

That statement is said so often it has almost become just a throw-away line. Something we say when we’re envious for example. It’s something we say when we wish we had the skill, accomplishment or success that someone else has. 

Lots of people say they would give anything at all to succeed. But when you watch them for a while it appears as if they actually wouldn’t give anything at all. They are not willing to do anything to help themselves succeed. When they say they would “do anything” it’s simply not true.

They want a skill, accomplishment, fame, or success but what they don’t want is the effort and commitment it takes to acquire it. 

Lots of people also say they are committed but others see no evidence of that commitment. If I or another coach or trainer were to observe you for a week would we see any outward signs of your commitment? Would we see you doing anything, anything at all, that would indicate you’re serious about making an effort to achieve your coveted goal?

Commitment Requires action! Action, action that leads to success anyway, requires a plan.

Do you have a plan? Have you made a personal investment? Have you made a personal sacrifice? Have you in fact done anything at all to succeed other than want success? I hate to be so blunt but wishing for and complaining about what other people have does not get you anything worthwhile. The reality is if you just sit on your behind and wait, hope and wish you’ll never get close to reaching your potential and earning the success available to you.

If you’re not willing to give anything up or do anything different then you shouldn’t expect anything different or better in return. The truth is, not only would you not “give anything,” apparently you wouldn’t give anything at all.

You need to make a plan, you need to set some goals, you need to have a timeline. You need to have a coach or mentor who will hold you accountable to all of the above.

Time can be your greatest asset or your biggest enemy, it all depends on whether you use it or waste it. Don’t let another day, hour or even minute go by without making a real commitment to take action. 

You can achieve your goals, you can accomplish great things. People and “things” will seem to conspire along the way to try and stop you. Never, never, never become a co-conspirator with them. 

Let other people spout the “I’d give anything” talk while you’re taking the steps required to succeed in your quest.

That’s how successful people do it!  

4 thoughts on “What Would You do to Succeed?

  1. You know i’m really inspired by what you are saying .In order for us to succeed in life we have to take action and actions requires planing .We can’t continue living our lives based on wishing for things we want or need in life but instead we should go out and get them no matter what .

    Yes we have to set some goal and make sacrifices here and there in order for us to pull through .It’s time people realised that talking is really cheap and they better start acting .

    1. You are 100% correct. Absolutely nothing happens, nothing is accomplished, until somebody does something. If someone wants something, then THEY should do something to make it happen.

  2. I observe if their behavior aligns with their words.

    This is why leader’s need to know they’re always being watched. DWYSYWD Do What You Said You Would Do.

    If the leader has a vision of where they want to take the company yet it doesn’t align with their behavior or actions, the rest of the team won’t follow. They’ll do the minimum.

    This is a little off topic but I can’t control what comes out of my mind, heart, etc. when I read a post.

    Leaders talk the talk, but are they walking the walk?

    1. Not really that off topic, when what you say you’ll do matches what you do then, and only then do you have a real chance to succeed. As a leader or as anything else in life.

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