Are you Committed?


It’s an interesting issue, the whole Commitment vs. Compliance thing.

Which are you, committed or compliant? Commitment is a big deal, it separates less successful people from the very successful ones. Commitment is an attitude that helps you drive toward your purpose.

Of course it’s kind of hard to be committed when you don’t know your purpose, so step one to becoming more committed is to discover your purpose, that “thing” which will inspire passion into your everyday actions.

Commitment isn’t really about you—it’s about the purpose. It’s about making things better, consistently and always moving forward. True commitment will not allow us to merely “get by” – commitment means we must do more, much more. Doing only what we’re supposed to do is simply compliance.

Compliance is dull…incredibly dull. It’s right in the zone of “same ‘ol, same ‘ol”. It’s a lot like a cost of living salary increase or setting goals that deliver “only what’s expected.”

At the end of each day look back for a moment and ask yourself if your actions indicate you are compliant or committed. Don’t go through the motions just so you can say you were busy, committed people could care less about “busy” they care about “productive.”

Remember that nothing truly great ever comes out of compliance…nothing, but commitment almost always makes a difference.

Make only a living or make a living and a difference….you decide!

7 thoughts on “Are you Committed?

  1. Finding your purpose, for me, is finding your voice. Your values must be aligned with what you’re trying to do. Until that happens, you won’t me committed. It won’t be authentic.

    1. Wow, that is soooo true. Our values, and our purpose are very personal, if we aren’t working for our own, it will be tough if not impossible to ever be truly committed.

  2. I think commitment is about who you are while compliance is about what you do. Doers will often meet the standards, but those who are being who they were designed to be will exceed the standards. Great blog!

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