What Defines You?

Of all the New Years Resolutions ever made “losing weight” is by far the number one resolution that people make. I guess we could hope that they make that resolution for health reasons but I’m betting most of the people who resolve to lose weight really want to look better.

Most of us are at least a little vain and our appearance matters.

What they often forget is that they are more likely to be defined by what comes out of their mouth then they are by what goes in it. I’m talking about the things you say and how you say them.

Are your words life affirming? Do your utterances create or destroy? Do you even consider that before you blurt out what’s on your mind?

No human interaction is neutral. You, yes YOU, leave people feeling better or worse about themselves and their circumstances after EVERY interaction. The difference might be infinitesimal but you’ve moved them in one direction or the other. If enough of your interactions go in the same direction then your words, and how you say them, are making a difference in that person’s life. Your words are making a difference in how that person sees themselves and their chances for success.

Your words have that kind of power.

Your words are making a difference in how people see you as well. Your words and how you say them are defining you to a much greater extent than your appearance ever will.

I fully support (other people) being careful with what goes in their mouth for health reasons. But everyone might also want to consider what comes out of their mouth too. Your diet can change your life. Your words can change not only your life but the lives of everyone you come into contact with.

It only takes a second to say something you may regret for a lifetime. It also only takes a second to stop yourself from saying it. Think about that for a second or two before you allow something out of your mouth that isn’t good for you or anyone else.

15 thoughts on “What Defines You?

  1. I fully agree!! The only question about that, is how difficult is to control our response to the words coming to us. Because communication is always bi-directional. And self-control is a real challenge.

    1. Yes it is a huge challenge. It’s why I always recommend a second or two pause before responding, that couple of seconds can reduce some of the shock of what we just heard and help is NOT to respond in kind.

  2. Strange, I just finished listening to a talk on Tannit Dibur and was astounded at what I could gain by zipping my lip and pausing before speaking. Your article reinforced it in the secular arena. Thank you for reminding how precious are words that are spoken and unspoken.

  3. Sir, I have read and also heard from lot many eminent peoples the term “Think before you speak “. But the way you have expressed it in this article is very interesting and present a different perspective to the same point. Thanks

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