Do Relationships Still Matter?

There is a growing school of thought, an alarming school of thought if you ask me, that Business Relationships don’t matter as much as they used to. Some would say they don’t matter at all.

There is research that shows that could be true. Generation Z, the generation now entering the workforce is said to prefer “digital contact” over face-to-face contact, especially in business dealings.

Some people say that’s true also of Millennials but the research would disagree. Kind of. It’s only the trailing edge of millennials who prefer less face-to-face business dealings. Leading edge millennials felt that way but as they get older they look, act, speak and do much as the boomer generation who came before them.

There is no reason to think the younger millennials and Gen Z won’t age in the same way.

People and organizations who believe they can eliminate or minimize the importance of business relationships do so at their own risk. People buy and do business with other people they like and can trust. TRUST ONLY COMES FROM RELATIONSHIPS!

Without trust a customer is left to make their buying decisions on other factors, like ease of buying, reputation of the product and of course price. Without trust there will be no customer loyalty nor should there be.

It’s a bit of a scary day when I’m called “old school” because I believe relationships matter. At the foundation of that belief is another belief…one that says people matter. Every aspect of life revolves around our interactions with other people. If you can build solid personal relationships and business relationships you’ll simply have a better life and a better business.

If you don’t agree with that today then one day you will. I only hope for your sake you realize the importance of relationships before you let to much of what life is made of pass you by.

6 thoughts on “Do Relationships Still Matter?

  1. As a young milennial (born in the very late 1980s), I strongly believe that relationships do matter. Customers tend to buy things from people they trust. Most business transactions happen through mutual contacts. That’s why it’s so important to establish relationships in order to be successful at life, in business, on social media, and everywhere else.

  2. I’m afraid what you explained is only true for specialized business or products. When your relation can reinforce the value added by your company. But it is not any more for transactional products. Then the confidence, previously made by relationship, is made now based on the confidence established by the company, or by the intermediary, like Amazon for example.

    1. It is true wherever people do business, or simply interact, with other people. However, even for transactional products people greatly prefer to buy from people they trust.

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