Actually, You Most Certainly Can

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Mr. Ford was right about that. 


I’ve written before about the damaging attitude of “can’t”. Telling yourself that you can’t do something is about the most limiting thing you can say to yourself. Believing something is beyond your capabilities almost certainly makes it true. Even thinking you can’t do something is enough to stop your progress or at least slow it down.


Thinking you “can” on the other hand is often enough to push you past obstacles, whether real or imagined. 


Telling yourself that you can’t is habit forming. Once you convince yourself that you have limitations you’ll actually behave as if you have those limitations. But you most likely don’t. In fact you’ve probably blown past those limitations at other times of your life. You’ve already proven than you can do it, you only have to remind yourself of your past success. Sometimes you have to remind yourself often. Again and again. 


You may not have overcome the exact obstacle in the past that you are currently facing but you’ve overcome so many obstacles in the past that one more new one hardly matters. You blew past the other ones and this one is more of the same. 


Remember how tough those past obstacles seemed…..before you ran over them? Think of how many things you do today that you once thought you would never be able to do. Think of all the times in the past when you thought you couldn’t only to discover that you actually could. 


Thinking that you can’t do something causes you to forget about all the things you CAN do. Thinking you can’t tricks you into not even trying. Imagine all the things you can do that you wouldn’t be doing if you had fallen for that trick in the past. 


People of unlimited success think in terms of CAN! People of more limited success think in terms of CAN’T. Which one are you?

It matters that you know the answer to that question because while you won’t ever just think your way to success you most certainly will think your way to failure if you’re thinking in terms of can’t. 

2 thoughts on “Actually, You Most Certainly Can

  1. Good one. I have survived 42 years of pain, mind numbing lupus, fell from second story balcony , beat cancer 2x’s all because I told myself I have something I really want to do! This year will be 42 years with this disease. I’m allergic to every medicine, so now it’s just me against my body. I’m going to tatoo an S on my chest. I am a warrior. If I can live, anyone can just by the sure will power to think thier way to the top! Wtf not!?

    1. Yes I’d say “Warrior” is a very good description for you. I might “Heroic” too. I couldn’t agree more that out thoughts control our life, the better our thoughts the better our life. Regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

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