A Word of Appreciation

One of the easiest ways to maintain healthy relationships, with anyone, is to show appreciation. When you make it a point to share with people how much you appreciate what they have done it separates you from most other people who don’t show enough appreciation.


I’d be willing to bet that someone in your life has done something for you that deserves a simple thank you or a bit of appreciation. It’s entirely possible, maybe even likely, that you’re already aware of that person and fully intend to show your appreciation. But intending to show your appreciation and actually doing it are two very different things. 


Here are a few ideas for turning your intentions into actual actions. 


Call at least one person a day, everyday, to thank them for something. This might take a bit of thinking at first but pretty soon you’ll see the opportunities to say thank you are nearly limitless.  


Send out five thank-you notes a week. As powerful as a spoken thank you can be a written one is ten times more meaningful. Yes, an emailed thank you works but a hand written thank you means so much more. Poor handwriting is no excuse, print if you have to but handing out or mailing a written thank you can have tremendous impact on the recipient.


Don’t wait for someone to do something for you to show appreciation. Take the initiative and do something for someone every day and don’t let them discover it was you who did it. This is harder than it seems and I think it’s hard because it’s human nature to want “credit” for doing something good or nice. But do what you do for others without the expectation of appreciation or payback. When you expect something back, that is not appreciation — it’s a barter.


When you are appreciative, it makes other people feel like they want to do more for you, even though that was not your agenda. When we fail to show appreciation, it makes others feel like they want to do less for us. It makes them feel taken for granted. That’s never good.


Someone in your life could benefit from a word of appreciation this very day. Can you guess who it might be? Don’t guess, just start passing out appreciation as if it were free. The fact is, it is free but it is the most valuable free thing you’ll ever see. A thank you doesn’t cost anything yet it can mean the world to people who don’t hear those two powerful words often enough.

Don’t wait to show your appreciation. Do it now because a word of appreciation just might make someone’s day.

4 thoughts on “A Word of Appreciation

  1. Great Stuff, here Steve………especially the power and impact of a hand written note of appreciation in the age of technology. Perhaps leader/managers might consider that a sincere feedback/comment of appreciation goes a long way in insuring the probability that the “appreciated” behavior will be repeated.

  2. Hi Steve,

    For 17 years I own a 42 person technology company. I would often intend to show appreciation and gratitude, however, regrettably, I rarely did. Not because I lacked the intent but because I felt like I lacked the time. I was always pulled in so many direction and my to-do list was so long that I felt like I didn’t have time to do those types of things.

    The hard part is that the people who need to show appreciation and gratitude the most are typically the very people who have least amount of time to do it.

    After I sold my technology company, my wife and I set out to solve the problem together so more busy people would show their appreciation and gratitude to others. We created a service call The Gift Goose which makes appreciation gifts incredible simple for busy people. Thought you might find it interesting. 🙂


    Ryan Williams
    The Gift Goose

    1. I hate that people in leadership positions get too busy to show appreciation but I love that you’re doing something about it. Thanks for sharing that with me, I hope you’re doing well with it.

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