The Mistaken Leader

Lots, in fact most, people newly promoted to a position of leadership make the huge mistake of believing that their new position actually makes them a leader. 


They are mistaken. 


Being promoted to a leadership position and given a fancy title does not make you a leader. No matter what position you hold or title you have you must earn the right to truly lead. Leading others requires at least some level of commitment from them and you cannot force commitment, you can only earn it.


Perhaps the fastest and certainly the best way to earn the right to lead is to consistently demonstrate that you care for the people you would lead. The best leaders proactively and intentionally show they care, they show that they understand that they lead human beings with goals, challenges and life circumstances just like every other human being. 


They don’t “take” the time to know their people, they don’t “make” the time, and they don’t “find” time to interact with their people. They “invest” time with their people so that they truly know them and that “invest in people” mindset makes all the difference in the world. 


When a person in a leadership position sees their people as an investment it changes how they relate to them in every situation. If you as a leader feel forced to “spend” time on your people that too will affect how you relate to them and they will feel as if they are an expense and not an investment. That’s not a feeling that leads to commitment. 

Don’t be a mistaken leader. Regardless of your role, title or position work hard to earn the trust and respect of your people on a daily basis. There really is no other way to authentically lead.

5 thoughts on “The Mistaken Leader

  1. Some people when promoted to a higher position; they leak confidence in decision-making and as a results, makes the subordinates doubt their capabilities. In some cases, you’ll find after normal meeting is over, a few with meet and discuss some of the issues freely and openly. They don’t trust the leader and fear, what could happen if they criticize the leader; even if it is constructive.

    1. Thanks Mike, I agree with you. I’ve seen that happen often. It’s far better when the leader allows their people to freely share their thoughts and opinions. In fact, if they don’t I’d say they are not truly leaders at all.

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