Don’t Walk Home

One day a pride of ostriches were sitting around with their heads in the sand. (yes, I know that ostriches don’t actually bury their head in the sand but it works for this story) One brave ostrich pulled his head out of the sand long enough to see a convocation of eagles flying overhead. He was amazed by the site, large birds flying, soaring, and going where ever they liked.

The ostrich thought to himself wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to fly like those eagles. So he did what we would all do, he looked for a flying school on Google. Soon enough he located a nearby flying school and convinced his fellow ostriches to join him in learning how to fly.

It was a challenging course and it took several days to master the art of flying. But the ostriches loved it, they flew and they flew, up and down, back and forth, it was just as amazing as they had thought it would be.

After several days they received their certificate indicating that they were certified to fly. They had a big celebration and slapped each other on their backs and then they all walked home.         

Yes, they walked home.

The ostriches made the all too common mistake of believing that the goal of education is knowledge. The goal of education goes beyond knowledge; the true goal of education is action. 

Success requires more than simply knowing what to do; success requires that you actually do it. 

You can’t just prepare for success and then wait for it to arrive. All the education and preparation in the world does no good unless you put it into action. Successful people DO!

Successful people do more, they do it more often, they do it in spite of fearing failure. When they fail they do it again, often differently and with a better plan but they do it again. They simply DO! 

The ostriches learned how to succeed and yet they did not succeed. They didn’t succeed because they didn’t DO! In every success there is action, somebody did something to bring about the success. 

If you’ve yet to receive the success that you believe your due perhaps it’s because you’ve yet to actually DO.

Think about it.


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