Do You Have a Life Map?

Where would you like to be in five years? What would you like to be doing? Who would you like to be doing it with? How will you get there and how will you do that?

If you can’t answer any of those questions it just might be because you have no goals. 

Before you proudly announce that you have goals let me point out that there is a major difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are just thoughts and mostly abstract ones at that. Goals are much more concrete; the process of setting them informs you where you want to be and provides you with a plan to get there. Goals are like a roadmap for your life. 

Successful people set goals in many areas of their life. They have professional goals and personal goals. They have a daily plan to get closer to at least one goal EVERY day. Yes EVERY day!

Successful people know the huge difference between busy and productive. They understand that if they didn’t get closer to a goal it may have been a busy day but it wasn’t a productive day. If you believe that then you must also believe this: if you don’t have goals to get closer to then no matter how busy you are, you are never productive.

I could write for hours on the importance of goals and several hours more on methods for effective goal setting AND goal attaining. 

In the interest of time I’m simply going to suggest that you Google “goal setting and achieving”. There is a wealth of information available to anyone who desires to take control of their life with the help of goals. 

Don’t wait for someone or something to give you a better life, set some goals and give it to yourself.

10 thoughts on “Do You Have a Life Map?

  1. Sometimes a dream seed is planted in your mind, then years later it materializes.

    For example, I had a vision of what I wanted my dream home to look like and sure enough, I ended up building it.

    I agree Steve, it’s better to have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Though, not many take the time to follow through.

    Studies have shown, those who create written goals have a higher level of success.

    1. Was it Zig who said, a goal is a dream written down? There is magic in the act of writing it down. Your dream becomes tangible and actionable when you see it on paper.

  2. I like how you put it ”A Life Map” ,you know as young as i am i can say this post really opened my eyes to things i did’nt understand and now i can proudly say that you have opened my eyes to realise the difference between goals and dreams .

    I am now drafting my Life Map .

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