Creating Your Personal Reality

It’s very likely that you are far more powerful than you think. So powerful in fact that you have the ability to create your own reality.

How do I know that about you? Well because you’re human. Every human has the ability to create their own reality. Not only do they have the ability, they in fact DO create their own reality. Every person on earth creates their own reality out of their thoughts.

What you think you become. What others think of you matters very little when compared to what you think of yourself. Negative thoughts about yourself linger for a long long time. Self-doubt kills more dreams than all other obstacles combined. Yes, even more than lack of money. Actually, lack of money isn’t much of an obstacle at all, far more dreams are killed by lack of effort than lack of money.

You attract people to you who are often identical to the person you believe you are. If you think you’re a loser than you’ll invite losers into your life. Now the term loser isn’t very nice but I can’t think of a more apt description. Misery indeed loves company and if you think you can’t succeed you’ll attract people who think the same as you.

Since we are all basically a compilation of the five people we spend the most time with you want to make certain your five people build you up. If those 5 people tell you often enough that you can succeed you may start to wonder if they could possibly be right…and that can be the start of something magical.

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

You have to be so careful about what you think. Your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions and your actions become your reality.

You’re creating your reality this very day. Everything you think, say and do plays a part in the future you’re creating for yourself. If you master the discipline of controlling your thoughts there won’t be much else in life you can’t master.

My recommendation is to start EVERY day with five minutes of positive self-talk. Those might be the most vital 5 minutes of your day. Those five minutes will set the tone for the next 1435 minutes of your day.

Those five minutes could very well change your life. Now that’s reality!

Are You Chasing a Dream?

The answer to that question is yes, you are most certainly chasing a dream. The bigger question is whether it’s your dream or somebody else’s. 


There is nothing wrong with helping someone else chase their dream so long as it doesn’t prevent you from chasing yours as well. Sadly, most people never realize the difference. 


If you’re working for someone else then you’re helping that person or that organization chase their dream. There is NOTHING wrong with that, many, in fact most, very successful people are employed by an individual or a company.


But they ALSO chase their own dream at the same time. 


I find it impossible to describe anyone as successful if they are merely chasing someone else’s dream. I can confidently say that I’ve never met a truly happy person who was chasing someone else’s dream at the expense of their own. 


But, and this is a big but…you must have a dream in order to chase it. Many people who work for other people helping them chase their dream don’t have definable dreams of their own to pursue. They seem to “settle.” 


They kind of float through life not even realizing they are chasing someone else’s dream. They get a paycheck that they divide up between their creditors and they think they are happy if there is something left for them at the end of the month. 


But there’s so much more to life when you’re chasing a dream of your own. The fullness of life comes from understanding your purpose in life. Your dreams come from your purpose.


I am fortunate that I figured out long ago that helping others chase their dream IS part of my dream. I succeed when those I help get closer to their dreams.


If you don’t know what your dreams are then some serious self-reflection is required. Have you ever considered what true happiness looks like to you? Have you ever defined success for yourself? Do you know why you’re doing the things you’re doing this very day? 


If you can answer those questions with a high degree of specificity then you have a path to success. If not then you have some work to do. 

The most successful people do not follow their dreams, they chase them. Find some running shoes and get a move on today!

Do You Have a Life Map?

Where would you like to be in five years? What would you like to be doing? Who would you like to be doing it with? How will you get there and how will you do that?

If you can’t answer any of those questions it just might be because you have no goals. 

Before you proudly announce that you have goals let me point out that there is a major difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are just thoughts and mostly abstract ones at that. Goals are much more concrete; the process of setting them informs you where you want to be and provides you with a plan to get there. Goals are like a roadmap for your life. 

Successful people set goals in many areas of their life. They have professional goals and personal goals. They have a daily plan to get closer to at least one goal EVERY day. Yes EVERY day!

Successful people know the huge difference between busy and productive. They understand that if they didn’t get closer to a goal it may have been a busy day but it wasn’t a productive day. If you believe that then you must also believe this: if you don’t have goals to get closer to then no matter how busy you are, you are never productive.

I could write for hours on the importance of goals and several hours more on methods for effective goal setting AND goal attaining. 

In the interest of time I’m simply going to suggest that you Google “goal setting and achieving”. There is a wealth of information available to anyone who desires to take control of their life with the help of goals. 

Don’t wait for someone or something to give you a better life, set some goals and give it to yourself.

Where to Find Success

keys-to-successI remember one of the first cell phone commercials ever to appear on television. It featured a guy in a car at what looked like a restaurant drive through window except instead of ordering food he was ordering time.

His order was something like 4 hours with an extra 15 minutes on the side. At the time it was a pretty cool ad, the idea was that by using a cell phone in your car you could give yourself move productive time each day. The ad closed by saying that while we really can’t buy time, when you use a cell phone it will be just like you could.

The ad must have worked pretty well because these cell phone things really seem to be catching on. I am now convinced that they are here to stay!

Would’t it be nice if we could order success at a drive through window? Or simply buy it at a kiosk in the mall? I know people would pay big money for success because I hear people saying all the time “I’d give anything to be able to… __________.” Feel free to fill in the blank for yourself.

Have you ever said that? Those by the way, are the words of a dreamer. “If only,” and “I wish,” and “why not me.” Don’t get me wrong, many great accomplishments have begun with a dream. Dreams are great but dreams unaccompanied by action are a waste.

It seems to me that people who “say” they would give anything to succeed actually “don’t” give a thing in their attempt to succeed. Many of them not only don’t give a thing, they don’t do a thing either. Their actions simply don’t match their words. They won’t give a lot of anything to succeed and when you watch them it appears they won’t even give a little.

Here’s what I think it boils down to: people with dreams often act upon them. People who are dreamers do not.

So which are you? If you have dreams you’ll find a way to succeed. You know where to find the success you seek. You know it’s already inside of you. You know that you have the smarts, skills, and savvy to do want needs to be done. You know that you have the self-discipline to focus on the important stuff and let the urgent, less important stuff fall by the wayside. You know that your success is up to you.

If you’re a dreamer then you’re likely “waiting” for your big break. You’re waiting for something to happen, something to come your way. Dreamers are an incredible patient bunch of people, they seem willing to wait forever for someone else to make them a success.

Dreamers appear to think that no one succeeds on their own. They pout about the “luck” of the person who toiled years for their “break” as if it fell out of the sky. Dreamers seem to have trouble acknowledging that hard work leads to success because if they did then they would also have to acknowledge that they really do know where to find success.

They would have to acknowledge this fact: success is found in the efforts, attitude and actions of successful people. Those characteristics didn’t come after the success, they were there to begin with. Those characteristics are in everyone, successful people just made the decision to use them. Dreamers can make that decision too. Dreamers dreams can come true if the dreamer will make the effort, control their attitude and do the right things the right way.

Your success is all about you so if you’re looking for success don’t look at me, look at yourself.