A Leadership Test

If you have been given a leadership position or some fancy title that would indicate to others that you are in a leadership role then good for you. That position or that title buys you a little time to earn the right to lead. It does not make you a leader! 

Your title or position, and the authority that comes with it may enable you to force people to comply. It will do nothing to help you earn their commitment. 

Here’s a quick little leadership test for you. One question, it will tell you a lot about whether or not you’re truly leading. Just answer the question, no hemming and no hawing, just answer.

Ready? Here you go: Do your people comply or do they commit?

Maybe you’re not really sure so here’s a good way to tell. 

If your people stop doing what you need them to do when you’re not around they are complying. If they do everything you need them to do, exactly as if you were there, they are committed. 

Authentic leaders earn the commitment of their people by showing their commitment to them first. They show their commitment in many ways but foremost is by demonstrating that they care about them. They demonstrate it everyday. Everyday!

They are intentional in showing they care, they literally schedule caring time into their day. They don’t leave it to chance and they never leave their people wondering about it. 

Now, for those of you who are thinking you just don’t have the time to show you care every single day let me ask you this: what work related activity do you do everyday? 

Is it just one thing or is it several? Is it, or are they, more important than your people? 

I would submit to you then when you start making “stuff” more important than people your days as an authentic leader become numbered. 

Don’t let that happen, get intentional in showing you care, earn the respect and trust of your people and truly truly lead!

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