What the World Owes You

The World OwesThis could be the shortest blog post in the history of blogging. The answer to what the world owes you, me, and every other person in it is the same. Nothing!

That’s right nothing! Nada, zip, zero, absolutely nothing.

I could end this post right there and you would have the basic point, we don’t always get what we want but we do usually get what we earn.

If you live your life with any other belief you’ll likely live a life of disappointment and bitterness. You’ll live a life full of jealous anger and that anger will limit your ability to accomplish anything that truly makes a difference.

If you believe that “life” is somehow magically “fair” you’ll also likely be disappointed. Life, as it turns out, is only as fair as each individual chooses to make it. Every person who has ever lived gets dealt a bad hand from time to time and it’s how they play those cards that will determine their ultimate success.

Some people get dealt a bad hand and just fold. Successful people who understand that the world owes them nothing make the most of out of bad situation and learn from their mistakes and losses. People who believe that the world owes them something just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Clearly there are exceptions to everything but generally speaking, successful people simply work harder and smarter than people who go through life expecting a hand out and being disgusted when they don’t get one.

This is the true secret to success: if you want more, work more.

You want help? Help yourself! People who help themselves have very little trouble finding other people who will help them more. People who refuse to help themselves often lament the lack of help available and curse the “lucky” people who did get help.

People who believe the world owes them a life operate with their eyes closed to avoid the reality of the “lucky” people diligently working all around them.

Life isn’t fair until you make it fair. Don’t criticize others for the work they have, learn how they got it and copy their methods and efforts.

The world doesn’t owe you a thing and will seldom steal from you any success you have earned. If you are one of those unfortunate few who have had their success stolen from them by circumstances then play those cards and continue to work. Effort always pays off eventually.

If you are willing to work for true success then always remember, no one “owes” you a thing. Life your life knowing that nothing is due you until you first do something. Whatever level of success you achieve you’ll sleep better know that you have earned it!




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