Do You Know Who You Are?


You can’t be true to your values until you know that you have them.

Do you know who you are? No, not just your name, who you really are. It’s a sad reality that most people don’t actually know themselves all that well.

We all have values that inform various decisions in our life and most of our values change over time. As we grow older, become more experienced or are influenced by a different set of circumstances, some of our values tend to change. That is normal.

But some of our values run much deeper, we don’t necessarily choose them, we discover them. We grow into these values and that “growth” often begins at a young age. Once these values are “set” they stay with us throughout our life; these are our core values.

Research shows that most people have between 6 to10 core values. The research also shows that when asked, most people cannot tell you what their core values are.

Whether you are consciously aware of these values or not it is these values which most affect your life. They impact, or should, almost every aspect of your life; who your friends are, how you live your life, what you do for a living, etc.

If the life you live matches your core values you are likely to be more successful than average. You find fulfillment in what you do, in how you live and you probably have little conflict in your life.

If you’re living a life disconnected from your core values, as many people are, you are likely leading a life full of conflict and unhappiness. In some cases people will try to live the values of someone else to make them happy. In either case these people are unfulfilled and probably often feel like they just can’t “get it together.”

If you’re a person living apart from your core values it may just be that you are not consciously aware of what they are. If you’re ever going to reach your full potential in life you’re going to have to become consciously aware of what truly matters to you. Only then can you live your life accordingly.

A coach, a mentor or someone who truly cares about you can help you discover your core values. It may take a bit of effort and a fair amount of introspection but the payoff is a life lived to it’s fullest and a life of very few regrets.

So, do you know who you are?

9 thoughts on “Do You Know Who You Are?

  1. Great challenge. Your commitment and clear message on values has helped me spend more time “force-ranking” my activities. Upon reflection, I eliminate more and more activities and that helps me clarify my values for use in decision making. I still don’t know who I am, but the list of who I’m not is getting longer and longer… Thanks!

    1. My pleasure Mike, I too continue the journey of self discovery. I’m pretty sure I know who I am and 100% certain I know who I’m not. That has truly helped me eliminate unproductive activities, AND people that hold me back, from my life.

  2. This is so interesting and inspiring,I have got some work to do in discovering myself.Thank you

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