The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

I love this time of year… the holidays as they are called, for me, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. I love everything about the holidays, the Christmas music, the decorations, the social gatherings, heck, I even like the crowded stores. I’m not such a fan of the day after Christmas when we return the clothes that I bought my wife which of course didn’t fit. Even that however has become something of a tradition since it’s pretty much an annual event.

It makes no difference which holiday you celebrate this time of year, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Three Kings Day, this might be the most wonderful time of the year… or maybe not so much.

For some it may even be the most difficult time of the year.

Perhaps someone is reminded of a family member recently passed. Maybe it’s an estranged family member or friend and their holiday thoughts turn to “if only.” It’s possible that for someone who has outlived most or all of their family members that this is the loneliest time of the year. None of us can know for certain what another person is going through so it’s best not to assume that everyone shares your excitement for this time of year.

If you truly love this time of year it can be hard to imagine that anyone wouldn’t, but the reality is that for many people “the holidays” bring with them a deep level of dread and even depression. 

Don’t be surprised by or insensitive to those who may find this time of year to be the most difficult time of the year. Your “today” has been shaped from the experience of all your “yesterdays” and someone else’s yesterday could have been very different than yours.

Take care to not assume your joy is shared by everyone. For some their heart is so filled with sorrow and regrets that there is little room left for “the holiday spirit.” That said, tactfully share your joy with those who may not experience their own this holiday season. Be extra kind to everyone, your sincere caring and understanding kindness may just be the gift they desperately need during this special time of year.

Start now and who knows, it’s possible that by the end of the year your extra thoughtfulness will have become a habit that continues throughout the New Year. I’m willing to try if you are…are you with me on this one? 

4 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

    1. I know exactly how that feels, lost my mom a couple of days before Thanksgiving 30 years ago….Not such a fan of that day anymore. BTW… do you know what Adam said to his wife the day before the first Christmas? He said ” it’s Christmas EVE!

      Yes, I know the timeline doesn’t exactly work…

  1. Good post Steve and fitting. My mom recently passed away on October 21st. Buried her in November. No living parents left. We made the best of Thanksgiving and will do the same for Christmas but I do feel rather out of sorts with it all. No problems keeping busy but little time to allow myself to feel. ( Had to keep the show on the road with both work and school)

    Kindness matters, especially during the holidays. Statistically, more suicides happen in December than any other time of the year.

    Forgive the reply if there are errors. Replying from my phone today!

    Wishing you and yours a warm and happy Christmas/holiday.

    1. Thanks Samantha, the first holiday after the loss of a loved one is the worst…but they change forever. Simply memories become a treasure and I’ve made it a point to remember only the good times gone by.

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