Do Your People Know How to Succeed?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and just say flat out that people are not born with the knowledge of how to succeed. 

Someone needs to SHOW them. Most (warning: very general statement coming) managers just tell people how to succeed and hope they figure it out. Leaders show them how to succeed and coach them so there is little doubt that they will figure it out.

Leaders know that their people will do what they see being done far faster than they will ever do what they are told. You can tell people what to do but they will do what they actually see their leader doing.  That’s why it so vital that a leader’s words match their actions. 

You as a leader are the model of success for your people. You can and should not expect them to do things to succeed that you’re not doing. If punctuality is important to the success of your people then YOU must be punctual. If a positive attitude is important to the success of your people (and it certainly is) then you must project a positive attitude. 

Leadership comes with a lot of responsibility. If you are going to have the audacity to label yourself a leader, or even accept the label of leader, then you must look, act, and sound like a leader. 

You must BE a leader! 

You must model the behavior that you expect from your people. 

That’s a whole lots of “musts” but that’s what true leadership is about. Authentic Servant Leaders accept the sacrifices that come with each of those “musts.” 

You’re success as a leader is completely dependent upon the success of your people. They may not know how to succeed but you do. Model success, model it consistently and match your actions with your words. That’s what true leadership is all about! 



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