Procrastinators Have Too Much Patience

Successful people know the difference between procrastination and patience. One simply wastes time and one provides the opportunity to think, reflect, plan, and adjust. 

Patience can be productive, procrastination can’t. If procrastination doesn’t kill your chances for success today then it most certainly will tomorrow or perhaps the next day. But it will get you sooner or later.

Despite popular opinion procrastination is not only a lazy person’s problem. Some very busy people struggle with it too. In fact, one of the very reasons they struggle with it is the fact they are too busy. They attempt to do more than is possible and overload their calendars day in and day out. Their calendars  get so full they have no idea where to start, so they frequently don’t actually get started. 

There has never been a time in history when more “tools” were available to help with the scourge of procrastination. You likely have one of those tools in your pocket… or your hand, this very moment. Yes, the very thing that “helps” us procrastinate, our smartphone, can help us stop. 

There are 100’s of apps available to help us be more productive. I’ve tried many of them but my current app of choice is the native “reminders” app on my iphone. It syncs with my laptop and iPad so I have pings and dings and little red numbers popping up all over. It’s annoying but it also has really helped.

I avoid any app that looks like a simple to-do list. I don’t know a single highly productive person that would go near a to-do list. If you use a to-do list and you think you’re highly productive then  I would tell you you’ll be much more productive when you ditch that liar of a tool. 

I call a to-do list a liar because it fools us into thinking that our “busyness” is the same as productivity. We check something off a to-do list and feel good about getting something done. The question is, should we have done it at all. Maybe and maybe not.

I highly recommend any app that allows you to create a Daily Prioritized Task List. This takes your to-do list to a whole new level. You now do things in order of their importance. That requires thought on how you will use your limited hours in a day. You must decide which of the many things you have “to-do” will provide you the biggest payback and force yourself to follow the prioritization. It may even require you to stop doing some less productive things.

Of course there are a couple of problems with all these apps: I can simply turn off my smartphone (highly unlikely) or just choose to ignore it. (highly likely) I’d bet most people reading this are a lot like me.

That’s why the very best tool to help you with your procrastinating tendencies is a tool that’s been around forever. The “tool” is called a mentor. These days some people call it a coach. 

No one climbs a mountain without a climbing partner and for many people climbing a mountain would be easier than overcoming procrastination. So find a coach or mentor and ask them to help you climb the mountain of procrastination. Share your prioritized daily task list and ask them to hold you accountable to tackle each task in order of it’s importance. 

Virtually every person I’ve ever met could accomplish more than they thought they could and virtually every person I’ve met needed someone to help them do it. The right mentor will remind you of the vast difference between procrastination and patience and never allow you to substitute busy for productive. 

Apps are great but they still can’t replace interaction with a human that has the capacity to care enough about you to truly hold you accountable. I hope they never will.

12 thoughts on “Procrastinators Have Too Much Patience

  1. Reblogged this on EBS ProXpress and commented:
    Here is an interesting take on the issue of procrastination – the opportunity theft. We hope you’ve mapped out your plans for this week and are steady working on making them all come to fruition.

    For us working from the coastal city of Durban, the air makes this Monday quite a bearable one. Hold on there, and be stellar!

  2. Couldn’t agree more about having a coach.

    I’m a coach and I have one myself. I always achieve more by having a great coach on my team.

    Knowing you’re going to speak with your coach on a regular basis helps you create an unconscious strategy to follow through on a consistent basis.

    I also agree on the to-do list. Or what I like to call the, -to get done list.-

    Many people kick the can down the road because they want their idea, product, service, etc. to be perfect. By the time it’s perfect, you or your idea will be irrelevant.

    Launch that project!

    As I heard Kathryn Minshew say in a recent video on putting your product or service out there before it’s perfect, “An ugly baby is better than no baby at all.”

    1. I’m not a bit surprised to hear you have a coach, the great ones always do and that’s not a coincidence. And I’m sure glad that my mom agreed that an ugly baby is better than no baby at all 🙂

  3. Better late than ever to give my view on this. There is one that I call a mentor but we haven’t really been working as expected on that propelling part,we get to talk about other stuffs than goals,aspirations… Yet I’m sure about this person. I feel there’s something I haven’t done so if u got any ideas,I’d appreciate you share.
    There is also another that’s offering to be but I don’t feel a sense of peace about it. Do share your opinion.
    Nice write up.

    1. Two thoughts, if you’re not 100% certain of the person then I wouldn’t suggest that you ask them to be your mentor. In regards to the person that you call a mentor – do they know that you think of them that way? If not I would be sure to tell them and ask them to hold you accountable to your goals. If you have the right mentor they will be honored to do it!

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