Are You a Role Model?

Well, are you? The short answer, especially if you’re a leader or even just someone in a leadership position, is yes.

Your people watch you. No one is born with an innate knowledge of what it takes to succeed so they must learn it. They learn some of it by listening, some by reading, but mostly they learn from watching. If you are their leader or the person who is above them in a leadership position then it’s you they are watching.

You are absolutely a role model. The only question is do you model behavior that leads to success or do you model behavior that leads to something else.  

You can tell your people what to do and they may do it. You can show them and they will likely do it, you can tell them and show them and if what you said matches what you do they will most certainly do it. 

Therein lies the problem for people who are leaders only because they occupy a leadership position. Their words often don’t match their actions. They have yet to learn that their people will do what they do long before they will do what they say. They are also surprised when they eventually learn just how closely they are watched by those who would follow them. 

Authentic leaders are careful to make certain that their actions match their words. They realize that is the surest way to build trust and credibility and that those two characteristics are vital for leadership. 

If your goal as a leader is to build other leaders then your words and actions must coincide.  

So, watch what you say and remember, someone else is watching what you do.

7 thoughts on “Are You a Role Model?

  1. Thank you for this post. I get sick when I think of the manager that sits in their office or day or feels so entitled that they refuse to do the same work as their employees.

    Since when did people start feeling that tenure or title justifies laziness and lack of results?

    -Michael Dooley

    1. Unfortunately I think some “leaders by position” have felt that way a looooong time. It’s the old “rank has it’s privileges” deal. A horrible, ineffective method of leadership that really does more harm than good.

      Thanks for your comment Michael, SPOT ON!

  2. The leader is always being watched. Everything they say and don’t say. Where they’re spending their time. How they act in front of peers. Team members. Customers, How they treat a waitress.

    In The Leadership Challenge we call this Modeling the Way.

    1. I “SEE” what you mean! I agree 100%, allowing yourself to always be “on” is just one of the sacrifices authentic leaders willingly make.

      Thanks for your as always spot on comment my friend.

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