Spring Cleaning for Success

Spring CleaningIt’s Springtime! I know it is because the calendar says so. As I write this post I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That’s in the northern part of the U.S. and the calendar is the only indication I have that it’s really spring. The temperatures are running WAY below normal, there is plenty of snow on the ground and not a single golf course is open for play.

It feels like we should still be hibernating but the calendar doesn’t lie. Nature is renewing itself and soon trees will be budding, grass will be growing and flowers will be popping up. It’s Springtime!

Growing up that always meant throwing the windows and doors open and letting some fresh air into the house. It was closed up against the cold all winter and the fresh air somehow made everything seem new again.

Along with the fresh air and nature’s handiwork outside came some serious indoor cleaning. Spring Cleaning! It made the house seem almost new. A fresh start a quarter of the way through the year.

How about you? Could you use some fresh air? A little attitude adjustment? Do you have ideas and dreams that have been gathering dust so far in 2013? Did your 2013 plan get put on a shelf behind some seemingly insurmountable problem?

Maybe you need some Spring Cleaning for yourself.

Spring is a great time for reflection on how your year is going. You’re far enough into it to see how it might finish if you stay your current course. It’s early enough for a course correction if where you’re heading is not the direction you intended to go.

Dust off your plan, if you haven’t looked at it in a while today is the perfect time to renew your commitment to get it done. If you just can’t get yourself going then remember why you made the plan in the first place.

Re-dream your dream!

When the year started remember all the great things that were going to happen in 2013? You have three-quarters of the year remaining to make them happen. Three-quarters! Today is the perfect day to start!

If some “realities” have set in and it’s clear some stuff is happening (or not) that you didn’t anticipate then maybe your plan or your dream needs a little adjustment. That’s perfectly okay. There is not a single thing wrong with making changes to your plan when things outside of your control change as well.

Maybe you’ve just changed your mind about your goals, dreams or objectives. That’s perfectly okay too. Just remember, just because your original thinking changed doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go through the remainder of the year without a plan. Make a new one! You’ve got a ton of valuable time left in 2013 and it’s WAY too early to begin your “coast” into 2014.

Have I mentioned that TODAY is the perfect day to begin anew?



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