Successful People are Enthusiastic!


Do we absolutely have to be enthusiastic to be successful? Probably not, we can likely find cases where a somewhat unenthusiastic person has become a success. What would be much more difficult to find is an enthusiastic person who is not a success.

Dale Carnegie said that “enthusiasm is the little recognized secret to success.” I believe that statement is as true today as it was when he made it 75 years ago. It is true for any profession but maybe there is a bit more truth in it where salespeople are concerned.

Think about it, you’re trying to convince a customer that your product is best, so much so that it is worth paying a premium to own. That is hard enough as it is, it becomes almost impossible when we have the enthusiasm of an autopsy subject. How can your customer become excited about what we have to offer when you appear not to be? Would you buy from someone just going through the motions?

Successful people are excited by what they’re doing and that excitement is contagious. They draw people to them because these people want to work with them, do business with them and just be around them. Are you that type of person?

Many Dale Carnegie classes begin with a “warm-up” that has participants shouting “act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic.” I’ve seen that “warm-up” many times and I know that statement to be absolutely true. Sometimes it is as simple as acting enthusiastic, you see, you can even catch enthusiasm from yourself.

11 thoughts on “Successful People are Enthusiastic!

  1. Love it Steve. I especially liked the line “act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic.” It’s SO true. I took the Dale Carnegie course years ago. The warm-up brings back very special memories. Have a wonderful day! Best, Frank

  2. I loved this!

    Enthusiasm is the direct result of doing work that we’re deeply passionate about! This is even more evident when we’re talking about something we believe it’s the purpose of our lives.

    The key word, that resonated the most with me, was “contagious”. And it really is, both on the conscious and unconscious levels of our mind. Mirror neurons in our brain start triggering in us the same emotions that make us feel the same sense of enthusiasm that the other person is feeling!

    For me, the most effective way to use this is to start living for something that really makes us feel fulfilled. Something that makes us wake up before the alarm clock. And Ken Blanchard is so right when he reminded us: “Have you ever thought about the name: Alarm Clock? What a terrible name! Wouldn’t it be so much better if we changed it with Opportunity Clock?”

    I guess people that aren’t so enthusiastic about what they’re doing wake-up with their Alarm clocks ringing and quickly enter their task-oriented self. Life is SO MUCH MORE than a to-do list… people who are passionate about what they do understand this and keep an Opportunity Clock next to them.

    Thank you for sharing your post with us. It reminded me of why I do what I do with so much LOVE!

    1. Your comment reminds me of a quote, can’t remember who said it but it says: “when you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s absolutely true too!

      1. and I’m writing this reply from an iPhone 5 because of that very enthusiasm! You’re absolutely right, he was a perfect example of the principle!

  3. Reminds me of my Dale Carnegie training oh, so many years ago! “Act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic!” Even if your mind doesn’t believe that statement, by the time you yell it 3-5 times, your body will convince the mind that it is true!

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