“Too Little” is all You Need to Fail


Ever wonder why some people fail and others succeed? I don’t think it’s all that hard to figure out. Almost all successful people have one thing in common. Now, different types of successful people have different things in common; athletes have great skill, professional people tend to have educated themselves well. Successful parents have great empathy and listen well.

But all successful people (regardless of what they do) seem to have this in common: they have done the things that less successful people simply didn’t like to do.

Successful people do the things that must be done, whether they wanted to or not. Less successful people(what some people would call failures) do the things they felt like doing.

Almost without exception, the less successful people have done too little to succeed. Too little school, too little practice, too little planning, too little effort. Too little of whatever it was that they needed to succeed at what they were doing.

Here is the saddest thing about people that do too little; they have it completely within their power to do enough. They can even choose to do more than enough, just in case they need a little extra down the road.

The difference between failure and success is the difference between too little and a little more.

So, here you go, just fill in the blank: I doing too little ______________________ to achieve my goals and succeed. (Make sure you’re not giving yourself too little honesty here.)

Now you know what to work on so quit reading this and eliminate “too little” from your life!

4 thoughts on ““Too Little” is all You Need to Fail

  1. Thanks Steve,

    I feel encouraged because I was beginning to doubt my little more when comparing to others.

    Again thanks for sharing,

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