Now Hear This!


Do you ever talk to yourself? In that moment right there, where you asked yourself that question – you just answered it too.

We all talk to ourselves, some of us just call it thinking. Some say “just pumping myself up” and some people say that they in fact, don’t talk to themselves at all. Never!

Now I’m not talking about audibly talking, the kind that other people hear, the kind that gets us “looks” from people wondering if we’re crazy. I’m talking about the small voice, the one that’s inside us that only we hear, the one that’s really our own voice. It’s the voice that likely has more affect on us than all the voices of all the people that we associate with every day.

It’s the voice that tells us we can accomplish anything and it’s that same voice that sometimes tells us we can’t. It’s the voice that either way, is usually right.

We often pay no attention to the voice, just doing what “we want,” ignoring frequently good advice from ourselves. We give others the same advice that our voice gives us and scoff at them for ignoring what we have ignored 100 times. Our voice can help us immensely if only we will allow it to. Our voice is often much smarter than we give it credit for.

There is another side to our voice however that is not so helpful. It’s the negative side. The side that tells us we won’t succeed. It’s the side that sees every opportunity as an insurmountable challenge. It talks down to us and ridicules our efforts. This is the part of our voice that is usually wrong, if we will commit to doing whatever it takes to make it wrong.

Know it or not, THIS is the voice that controls your attitude.

So here’s the deal, you can’t keep the voice from talking but you have 100% authority over what the voice says. You and only you decide. You must be very careful about what you allow the voice to say because you’ll believe yourself more than you’ll believe anyone else.

Start every day by telling yourself you WILL make it a great day. You WILL accomplish your goals and you WILL succeed.

It’s by being aware of our voice that we train it to be a positive force in our lives. It’s when we stop being conscious of our voice that it rebels and says the kind of things we would never say to someone else.

Now, let me ask you again, do you ever talk to yourself? I thought so.

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