Running To or Running From?

I’ve read a lot lately about what employment experts are calling “The Great Resignation.” Apparently there is a whole lot of job hopping going on with the pandemic seemingly coming to a close, at least in parts of the world. That means there is going to be lots of interviews going on. HR teams are going to be very busy. 

No matter the industry or position sought there is one question I’d ask every applicant before I gave them serious consideration. 

I’d want to know if they are running away from the job they have or if they are running to the job they are applying for. 

The difference between the two is huge.

I’d ask the question straight up. No need to beat around the bush on this one. It’s a simple question…are you running away from the job you have now or are you running towards a better opportunity?

How they answer that question, both in terms of the words they use and their tone of voice will be very telling. I’d watch their reaction to the question as much as I’d listen to their answer. It’s a question that many applicants won’t be ready for, at least they won’t be ready for it to be asked so directly.

But I’d need to know. People who are running from a job tend to bring many of their old job’s issues with them. It’s also likely that one of the issues they bring is themselves. I’ve had a number of people tell me that everywhere they have worked they have run into identical problems with co-workers and their bosses. When I ask what all those companies and jobs had in common they are stumped. 

But I remember someone telling me that “wherever you go, there you are.” The point was if you have issues wherever you go then at some point you need to consider that the real issue might be you. 

“The Great Resignation” has people running in multiple directions. These days many companies are excited to be able to add anyone. But before you add a new person to your team be sure to find out what direction they are running in. The last thing you need is a new person with the same old problems. 

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