Planning for a Better 2021 – The “Should Be”

Well, now you know! Or at least if you were honest with yourself in the “As Is” step of the planning process you know. You know exactly where you are in life and that’s the first step to getting where you want to be. Where you “should be.” 

The “Should Be” is the next step in our planning process. This is NOT a “pie in the sky” wishful thinking, hoping beyond hope step. The “should be” is a realistic statement of where you believe you belong. You will make a commitment to yourself later in the planning process to reach your “should be” so you have to want it, believe it’s possible, and be willing to work to make it happen. 

You are not setting goals here, (that will come later) you are creating a vision for your life. This must be a vision that you’re willing to make sacrifices for in order to bring it into reality. Your vision must also be realistic; while I believe seemingly impossible things are accomplished everyday some things simply cannot be. I think being King of the USA would be a pretty good job but planning and working to make that happen is likely not the best use of my time. (Although it might get me free meals and housing in a state owned institution) 

Understand that this vision is not about “stuff” or acquiring more of it. This vision is about you. What kind of person do you want to be? What do you want your family to look like? What core values will guide your vision? What do you want from your career? How many years do you want to work and what will your retirement years look like?

Do not limit yourself. Do NOT allow fear or a shortage of confidence to shortchange your vision. Your vision should actually scare you a little. If you’re completely comfortable with it then you’re not thinking big enough. 

Ask the people closest to you, particularly your family, if they can see you in this vision. BUT, take what they say will a grain of salt, the one person who MUST see the reality in this vision is YOU. Remember, you’re looking for guidance when you share your vision with others, you are not asking for approval. 

Be open to adjusting your “should be” as time goes by. You need to review your entire plan on at least an annual basis. Circumstances change and you may need to adjust. For instance, how might your plan change if there were a global pandemic, not that it’s even remotely possible that could ever happen. 🥴

The “should be” is your reason for planning. Make it exciting, make it challenging. Make it something you’re happily willing to work on at least a little bit each day. 

The “should be” is a critical step in the planning process. If you don’t know where you are going you’ll never know how to get there…or you may arrive and miss it completely. 

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