Do You Really Matter?


Would the world miss you if you were gone tomorrow? Would anyone notice you weren’t around anymore? Would anyone care?

The answer to those questions, all those questions, is a resounding YES! Even if you have days you might not be so sure the answer remains a resounding YES!

You see, you actually have a wonderful life!

One of my favorite movies of all time is the Jimmy Stewart classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

It’s a holiday movie but it’s message is true every day of the year. You matter!

The movie is about a guy named George, he grew up in a small town but he had a big heart. He was constantly doing good for others, often while sacrificing his own wants and needs in the process. George was a good guy.

Well, through no fault of his own George ran into some major trouble one Christmas Eve (while protecting his uncle Billy) and his options dried up faster than an ice cube in the desert. He decided that the world, his family and his friends would be better off without him. His small life insurance policy could do more for his wife and kids than he ever could. In all his troubles he decided that not only didn’t he matter anymore, he decided that he never really mattered at all.

He decided to jump from a bridge into freezing water below and end it all.

What George had forgotten was all the people whose lives he had touched. All those people knew George was struggling and they prayed for him, they prayed hard.

Their prayers were answered when an angle named Clarence showed up. His mission was to help George “see” that he actually had a wonderful life. If Clarence accomplished his mission he would earn his wings, George would be just fine and everyone would live happily ever after.

Clarence earned his wings by showing George how different (and worse) so many people’s lives would be if he hadn’t been there. As it turned out, simple small town George mattered and he mattered a lot.

You and me, sometimes we need a Clarence. We need a Clarence to help us keep things in perspective. We need a Clarence to help us “see” what our struggles keep us from seeing. We need a Clarence to remind us of all the good things in our lives (even when most everything might not look so good ) and we need a Clarence to help us be certain that we matter.
Your “Clarence” might be a spouse or a parent. Maybe a close friend or a mentor. Your “Clarence” might even be you.

This much is certain, from time to time you are going to need some positive affirmation. You’re going to need to be reminded just what a difference you make in this world and in the lives of the people around you.

You need to know that you would be missed, you need to know that YOU MATTER because you most certainly do.

12 thoughts on “Do You Really Matter?

  1. Hi, Steve;

    I like your comparison with James Stewart in “It’a Wonderful Life” because it is cheerful, constructive and ultimately optimistic.

    My own choice for movie comparison is for Herman Wouk’s “The Caine Mutiny.” Not because it is dramatic but because it is realistic in behavioural terms.. The finale is just as inspirational and even more thought provoking and optimistic.

    Dennis Coates

  2. Steve, nice post.

    “Moneyball” is turning out to be one of my favorite movies of all time. If you haven’t seen it, the movie has lots of layers. Including letting people know that they matter.

  3. This is truly lovely Steve. Perhaps the easiest way to gain that affirmation, to be sure you matter is by letting others know they matter to you. We are all so interconnected…

  4. This is a beautiful post. It brings to mind “The Starfish Story” in which a boy is picking up starfish along the beach and someone asks him why he bothers. The starfish will just be thrown up against the shore again the next day and the boy explained how returning that particular starfish to the sea makes all the difference to that starfish…

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