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It’s Saturday! In the LeadToday Twitter Stream that means it is a day full of the most worthless info I can find. This nonsense has been going on each Saturday for over 2 years.

Sunday through Friday 99% of my tweets are original quotes. I simply write about what I’m working on at the time. If I’m working on sales training, something about selling will show up. If I have a frustrating conversation about leading you might see a tweet that starts with “never” (a sure sign someone has gotten under my skin) and I’m always thinking about leadership so there are lots of leadership tweets. Most of my “motivational” tweets are really just me talking to myself and letting people “listen” in. Some tweets are scheduled and many are spontaneous but either way, I invest a good amount of time sharing what I hope is worthwhile information during the week.

Saturday is a completely different story. I have several sources for the worthless info that appears on Saturday but I don’t spend much time on research and I verify absolutely nothing. The Fun Facts are supposed to be that, FUN!

One of my biggest surprises during my few years on Twitter is the emotion that the Fun Facts bring out in people. I get tons of reactions, both in the public stream and through DM’s, each Saturday. The majority of them are positive and it’s obvious that most people think of the Fun Facts just like I do.

Some people tell me they share the Fun Facts with their kids. I try to tweet more “kid friendly” stuff early in the day because I can envision parents sharing the worthlessness around the breakfast table. (just my over-active imagination) I know the Fun Facts bring a laugh to lots of people and that’s my only motivation to keep them coming week after week.

There is however a very vocal minority that just hates the Fun Facts. They do verify them and love to catch me in a “mistake.” Some are furious that I “wreck” my stream with this “garbage” and that I am destroying my credibility by not verifying that every fact is accurate. I usually lose a couple hundred followers each Saturday and kind of feel bad that some people get so upset. I do understand how someone can be a little surprised if they started following me early in the week and see normal stuff for 5 or 6 days and then get bombarded with the nonsensical Saturday junk.

But as I say Saturday after Saturday, we’re just having FUN. It is not my goal to offend anyone or make anyone mad. I know some of the stuff is pretty bad, kind of gross and very occasionally, inappropriate. But hey, we’re just having FUN!

To that vocal minority I would say this: The Fun Facts are going to continue, if they bother you that much just don’t read them. I would hope when you look at the full stream of an average week that you would agree the value outweighs the messing around on Saturday. If not, the very best advice I can give you is to find that unfollow button and let it rip!

When I started on Twitter I could never have imagined the numbers of followers I have now. I appreciate each and every one and I am honored by every single RT and #FF recommendation. I have declined several opportunities to monetize the LeadToday Twitter because it’s not really for me, it’s for the people following it and it’s my chance to give back, to share information with others that has been shared with me through the years. I’ll continue to do that too!

So I guess it’s time to hop on over to the LeadToday Twitter stream and enjoy the worthless Fun Facts for another day. ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “Fun Facts Explained

  1. Saturday’s Fun Facts makes me remember that weekends are for having fun!

  2. “I can envision parents sharing the worthlessness around the breakfast table.” – love it! I think I’m going to have to start a new Saturday breakfast tradition..

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