What’s REALLY Impossible?

Impossible-vs-I-m-possibleSometimes the stuff we remember is surprising, there is no particular reason to remember it but for some reason it stays with us for years and years.

So it is with a conversation I had with several of my high school classmates late in our senior year. We were talking about what we were going to do after graduation and most of us were just heading off to college. A couple of the guys however already had their careers figured out. One of my classmates, named Mark, announced he was going into something called “Cable TV.”

We had never heard of cable TV so we asked him to explain it. He said you received “lots” more channels, up to 20, but that there was a monthly charge for the service. I distinctly remember kind of laughing and asking what kind of idiot would pay for TV!  (I was sooooo smart and visionary at 18)

He confidently told us that “one day every house will be wired for Cable. It’s turns out he was a bit off, I personally know of several houses in my neighborhood alone that don’t have cable…. Okay, so they have a DISH but it ain’t Cable.

I lost touch with Mark shortly after graduation but I’d be willing to bet that if he stuck with that Cable thing he is a very rich man today.

I guess paying for TV wasn’t that outlandish of an idea after all.

Mark had a vision, it included great opportunities and huge success. The rest of us had a vision for Cable TV too, it included a little known technology and required lots of stupid people paying for something that they could get for free. Mark thought in possibilities, the rest of us thought in impossibilities.

How do you think? Are you a Mark or are you like the rest of us? Before you answer, you might want to consider what is really impossible. Below is a list of everything that has been confirmed by every human being on earth to be impossible:




You may disagree with the list, you may have more to add but remember: almost everything you take for granted today was at one time considered impossible, or was considered to be so outlandish that it wasn’t thought of at all.

Most people still think in terms of impossibilities but successful people think in terms of possibilities. Successful people know that just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. They also know it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

Some people “think outside the box” but the most successful people don’t even know there is a box.

Nothing, nothing, nothing is impossible until every single person on earth agrees it is. As long as one person believes something is possible, it is. It is very hard to talk your way into success but it’s very easy to talk your way out of it.

All you need to do is tell yourself that success is impossible.

Why not be the person who never gives up? Believe in stuff, believe in people, believe in YOU!

Somebody is going to do the impossible today, it might as well be you.



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