The Most Important Day of Your Life

If someone were to ask you what was the most important day of your life how would you answer?

If I’m asked that question I have a quick and definitive answer. Today! Today is the most important day of my life because today is the day I have some control over. I can’t change anything about yesterday. The best I can do for tomorrow is have a plan for how I want the day to go. 

But today, well today I can take action that could lead to the outcomes I want. Of all the days of my life, today is the only day I can say that. 

Your past is important to your education but it’s pretty hard to be good yesterday. The future provides you with vision but you can’t be good tomorrow either. Today is the day you get to make a difference in your life and the life of others. 

Many people with great potential have been sidetracked by a past that they can’t change and a future that they can’t see. In their attempt to control every day they end up controlling nothing. The only day you can truly control is today…so control it.

If you were to look on my calendar you would see 30 minutes each morning set aside for planning that day. I use 5:00 to 5:30am to determine exactly how I want my day to go and exactly what I’m willing to do to make that happen. 

When my day starts to collide with the events of the day I have some idea of how I’ll respond. Truth be told most days don’t go according to plan but the fact that I have a plan gives me a head start on almost everyone I come into contact with. I have control over my day. Their day has control over them. That’s the power of planning.

You’ll never have a more important day in your life than today…at least not until tomorrow becomes today. What you do today, the actions you take and the decisions you make TODAY can change all the todays in your future. 

So be thoughtful with your decisions. Be intentional in your actions. You’ll never have this day again, whatever you do, don’t waste one precious second of it. It’s the most important day of your life! 

Your Most Important Day Ever

What was or what will be the most important day of your life? 


Maybe it was your 18th birthday, you know, the day you could begin repaying your parents or caregivers for all that they have done for you. Perhaps it was or will be your wedding day, the day your life journey with the person of your dreams truly begins. It could be the day that you were fortunate enough to realize your true purpose in life. 


All of those days no doubt had or will have tremendous impact on your life. They are very special days indeed. But the reality is that today is the most important day of your life. 


Most people don’t think of it that way but here’s why it’s true. Today is the singular day you can control. Maybe not all of it but more of it than any other day. Today is the day that has the potential to make tomorrow and all of your tomorrows after that your best day yet. 


You cannot change yesterday. The best thing yesterday can do for you is inform the decisions that you make today. Learn from yesterday’s mistakes and keep the good memories close but in terms of overall importance to your future, yesterday is a has been. Never never never allow a bad yesterday to make your today a bad day too.


I like forward thinking people but never focus so much on tomorrow that you lose control of today. Whatever else you don’t do waste one precious minute of this day worrying about what might happen tomorrow. 


Instead carve out a part of today that will ensure tomorrow is exactly what you want it to be. 


Early, very early each morning I invest 30 minutes planning my day. I block time to accomplish the important things I must do that day. It makes no difference what time zone or part of the world I’m in. Those 30 minutes are often the most important, and productive, minutes of my day. 


My day doesn’t always go according to my plan, in fact it often doesn’t. But it does give me a measure of control over my day that few other people have over theirs. 


I want that control because today is too important to waste. 


I may chose to do nothing but rest. I may chose to not do anything at all but whatever I do it happens by choice and not by chance. Unless of course my plan is to have no plan that day and see where the wind takes me. That too is a choice that I make for MY life. 


I make that choice because today is too important to waste. 


Circumstances and “stuff” can knock me off my plan but only MY choice can keep me from returning to it. When I regain control of my circumstances I go straight back to my plan for the day. It’s those 30 minutes early in the day that make that possible. 

I invest those 30 minutes each morning because today is my most important day ever. It’s way too important to waste. It’s your most important day ever too!