Outstanding Investment Advice

There are not a lot of people who read this blog for the investment advice I provide within almost every post. (Or maybe that is exactly why they read it.) This despite the fact that it’s the best investment advice you’ll ever get. 

Unless you live under a rock you are undoubtedly aware that there isn’t much good news about anything that has to do with money. There seems to be no safe haven for investments these days. Even deciding to sit home and not spend a dime doesn’t work because tomorrow that dime ain’t worth a dime anymore. 

But I’ve figured it out. I know, without a doubt the best investment you can possible make. There is a guaranteed return on your investment. It’s all upside without even the possibility of taking a loss. 

The name of the stock you should be, must be, investing in is called YOU! Don’t waste time looking for that YOU symbol in any stock trading apps. Look for YOU in the mirror. An investment in YOU is the best investment you will ever ever make. 

The worst investment strategy anyone can make is waiting for someone else, or their company, to develop them as a person, a leader, or a better anything. It’s great if other people want to invest in you but even that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add to that investment level by investing even more in yourself.

Nearly every blog post I’ve ever written has the theme of “self-development” in it and that has never been more important than it is today. A mostly vibrant economy with tons of job openings has made many of us a little lazy when it comes to keeping our skills bright and shiny. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are storms on the horizon. Lots of headwinds are coming your way. There are likely to be layoffs and downsizings happening in industries across the globe. As bad as that may be for some, those who invest in themselves today will be the ones who are best positioned to survive those storms. In fact, they are likely to thrive in them.

Take a class. Acquire a certification. Take actions to increase your visibility like volunteering to give a presentation, even on a topic you’re not that familiar with. There is nothing like a little concern about embarrassing yourself in front of others to push you to learn something new. 

As I’ve written often the most successful people learn something new almost every single day. That’s the best way to “future proof” yourself from the vulgarities of the swirling seas fast approaching. 

Give yourself a big leg up on the people who are stuck in the present. Investment in yourself and the dividend you’ll receive is the future you deserve. 

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My goal with SuperFollowers is to build a better connection, one where I can help more and have a greater impact. I’m hoping it gives me a chance to mentor to a wider audience. It’s still new, we’ll see how it works. It’s a $5 dollar investment that may be the extra “push” you need to get to where you want to be. I’d be honored to be able to help get you there. 

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The Best Investment in the World

goldI don’t know too much about investing. But when it comes to investments I know a lot.

So, I’m sitting in a hotel room in Baltimore one night last week and a GOLD commercial comes on the television. It features a guy sitting on a horse talking about why he invests in gold and why you should too.

Now I know horses are kind of expensive and I figure if this guy can afford a horse he must know what he’s talking about. Besides, the way he makes it sound gold hasn’t gone down in value EVER.

Well, I browsed on over to the website featured in the commercial to get started with my new investment. They had lots of pictures of gold bars and coins on the home page and I knew immediately that I was interested in the coins. They appeared to be about the size of a U.S. quarter but maybe a little thicker. I seem to remember the site also said something about them weighing an ounce.

I was thinking maybe I’d start with a couple dozen of these gold coins and then build from there.

I have mentioned that I don’t know too much about investing… especially in gold?

When I clicked on the page to purchase my gold coins I thought there must be some kind of mistake. The total was something like $40,000! Geez I didn’t want to buy Fort Knox, I just wanted a handful of gold quarters.

Who would have thought that each one of those little coins would cost over $1600 dollars. Not me, that’s for sure. I just closed the page and went back to answering emails.

But it got me to thinking about other investments I’ve made and THE investment I’ve encouraged so many other people to make too. That investment is an investment in yourself.

I’ve been involved in adult education and training for over 25 years and in that time I’ve learned that people who invest in themselves most often end up far more successful than people who don’t.

When I was selling Dale Carnegie Training programs I saw two distinctly different types of people; one type believed that “if the company wants me to improve and be better at my job then they will need to pay for it.” The other type believed that “my success and happiness is my responsibility and if the company I work for won’t invest in me then I will invest in myself.”

The first type complied with the requirement to improve and the second type was committed to improvement.

Given those two types it doesn’t take much to determine which one would be more successful.

So what about you? Are you waiting for someone to invest in you? Are you leaving your success and future in the hands of another person or the company you happen to work for?

Are you the person who complains about the way things are or are you the person who makes an effort to improve them?

The best investment in the world is an investment in yourself. An investment in your future, an investment in your happiness and an investment you can use to make a difference in the lives of those you care about.

Don’t wait another day, read a book, find a blog to follow, enroll in a class and get yourself a coach or a mentor. Pay for a coach or mentor if you have to; but whatever it takes, get one now!

Stop saying “if only I could” to yourself and start saying “I absolutely will.” When you decide that no one but you can limit your growth and success, then no one can stop you.

You CAN do great things, the only question is, will you?