Who Really Won the Election

As the United States celebrates it’s Thanksgiving holiday this weekend all Americans have much to be thankful for. Starting with the results of the recent election. 

It doesn’t matter who got the most votes, it doesn’t matter who won the electoral college. The real winner of the election is the American people… they won because they had a choice. They won because they are free to support the winner or protest against him. There are a whole lot of places where that is just not the case.

That’s a privilege that should never be taken for granted. 

We Americans tend to take a lot for granted so here’s an idea on one of the biggest “taking” weekends of the year.

While you’re out chasing the good deals on Black Friday and helping out the American economy, keep a little cash in your pocket to give to those who can only imagine the freedom and prosperity we regularly enjoy.

Give a little back! Most Americans have so much that sometimes we forget how little it can take to make a really big difference. 

Be thankful for all you have as we begin this holiday season and do what you can to provide someone else with something to be thankful for as well. You’ll be glad you did, that much I can guarantee!

The Election of 2012


I have very purposefully stayed away from the news since the Presidential Election of 2012 was called for President Obama shortly after 10:00 p.m. central time. I haven’t seen a bit of CNN, FOX, MSNBC or even my local news. I have not listened to my local talk radio station as I usually do on my 30 minute drive to and from the office.

I just didn’t want to hear the “analysis” from either side. What went right or what went wrong is information that won’t be needed until the next election. The information we need now is what comes next.

Suffice to say the election, both on a national level and a local level, did not turn out exactly as I had hoped. In fact, every single person and issue I voted for lost.

But even if they had won I would still be wondering what comes next. I’d have to wonder because even the people I voted for were less than specific regarding their plans for our future.

In the Presidential election we were left to vote for a person whose record could indicate the future might not be so bright or a person who promised a bright future but who wouldn’t or couldn’t explain where the “bright” would be coming from. Not a great choice either way.

So what are we to do?

Let me speak first to the victors and let me start with a hearty congratulations. You won and deserve the respect of all Americans because of it. At the end of the day we are all Americans and we share similar interests and goals. The fact that we may not agree on how to get where we want to go should not be cause for hatred or anger.

But let me also say to the victors; do not be cocky. Do not believe that the slim margin of victory equates to a mandate “from all the people” and do not attempt to convince yourselves that you now have the “authority” to ignore 50% of the electorate. Authentic leaders seek to work with those they vanquish in order to eliminate future disagreements. You have earned the opportunity to prove yourselves authentic leaders, I hope you use it well.

Now, to my friends who weren’t the victors.

Don’t quit! Never quit! Stayed involved and keep working for those things you believe in.

It is never wrong to work for the things you believe in but we must also face the facts. The other people got more votes. The fight against the other side is over. In fact, there is no “other side”, we should no longer “fight against” because we must “fight together.” We face so many challenges that the only way to overcome them and return the United States to full prosperity is to work together. Working together there is very little that can’t be accomplished. Working against each other gets us…. well look at the last four years, that’s what we get working against each other.

So I’ll return to the news, I’ll plug back in to the information flow. I’ll share my thoughts on how to lead and work to ensure my voice is heard. I’ll give the victors their chance to truly lead. I’ll give them my support and my open mind. I’ll give any help I can and I will hold them accountable to the Constitution as our founding fathers intended us to do.

I will not despair, I will not surrender my principles and I will not minimized.

I hope all my fellow Americans will do likewise.