Why We Need President Obama


As the U.S. Election Day edges closer each day we hear more and more about why NOT to vote for one candidate or the other. There really hasn’t been much said about why TO vote for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

Now I must admit I don’t know much about politicking, there must be some research that says it’s more effective to tear down your opponent than to build yourself up. Good companies would never market a product that way and very few professionals would ever attempt to build their personal brand by ripping on someone else. But like I said, I don’t know much about politics.

So I thought I would help the President out and on his behalf, share why the United States needs him for another 4 years.

First, the United States and it’s citizens have been way too cocky ever since the victory over the English back in 1770’s. We always thought we were pretty hot stuff and way too many Americans still think we are. Another four years of President Obama reminding the world and the United States of all our mistakes and we might just figure out that we’re really just a bunch of colonizing, money hungry creeps. We need President Obama to put us in our place!

Second, the money in the United States is VERY unevenly distributed. The people who work seem to have it all. It is extremely unfair that someone should have more money than me simply because they are willing to work harder than me. The United States is supposed to be the land of opportunity but that’s just not true. It’s only the land of opportunity for those willing to work to make an opportunity for themselves. That is just not fair. President Obama will take the money from people who work and give it to those who won’t. That really is the only fair way to divide the money; we can’t consider ourselves the richest country on earth when only people that work hard can get rich.

Third, why should anyone have to be a U.S. citizen to enjoy the rights and freedoms that young Americans fight and die for? In the next four years President Obama would have the time (and flexibility) to extend those rights to all people of the world. If we would all (at least those who work) be willing to pay a tax rate of 75-80% there would be more than enough money to support everyone who wanted to live here. I personally have no problem paying an income tax rate of even 100% if it means I can quit my job and live for free….. (Um, well maybe there are a few details left to work out).

Forth, President Obama knows about free. Whenever a new government program is offered up too many people ask “how will this get paid for”? Paid for? It’s from the government people, IT’S FREE! It doesn’t have to be paid for, it’s automatically paid for. I’ll never understand why people don’t understand that. In the next four years President Obama will work for all people to make even more stuff free. I don’t know about you, but I like free stuff a lot.

President Obama has shown us leadership the likes of which has never been seen before. If every freedumb lover votes for President Obama I’m certain he can be re-elected. With four more years and no more pesky elections to deal with I’ll bet we’ll all be amazed at what he can accomplish.