A Present for Yourself

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in Santa Claus (I most certainly do) or if you celebrate Christmas in any fashion. Whether you understand “the reason for the season” or if you’re a commitment capitalist who enjoys the cash flow this time of year, you likely still appreciate presents. 


Despite my trust in Santa he frequently disappoints me. Like pretty much always. My wife has done a terrific job through the years of picking up the slack for the jolly guy but sometimes I end up getting what I want by buying if for myself. 


It’s okay to give yourself a gift, especially this time of year and I know just the gift for you. It will have an immediate positive impact on you and it will last the rest of your life. 


If doesn’t need to be wrapped, it’s guaranteed to fit and the best news of all is that it doesn’t cost a thing. It’s the best present you will ever give yourself. 


Wondering what that present for yourself might be? Well here it is:


Forgive someone.


Forgiveness might be a gift you share with someone else but the forgiver often receives more than the forgiven with this special gift. It makes no difference in the forgiven has asked for this gift or not…you as the forgiver still reap the benefits of one of the best gifts ever. 


The reason this is a great gift is because it comes from within you. You might have to reach deep within yourself to find it but I promise you it’s there. The most unique thing about this gift is that it’s actually worthless until you give it away, then it becomes priceless….for you.


Forgiveness is one of those things that is far far easier to write about than it is to practice. Do it anyway. Get rid of the pain, the hurt, the regrets and the anger this holiday season. Do it once and for all, you’ve thought about it, maybe even for years, quit thinking about it and do it. 


Forgiving others can be hard but what can be even harder is forgiving yourself. If there is something you’re hanging onto, no matter how big of a deal it might have been in the past, let it go, forgive yourself. 

When you forgive someone else you give yourself a gift, when you forgive yourself it is like you’ve given that gift twice. So go ahead and give it, I’m absolutely certain it will be a perfect fit.