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Self-Aware Leadership

Self-awareness is a key part of Emotional Intelligence. If you don’t know yourself, it will be hard to build the trust required to build solid relationships. That’s why self-awareness is a crucial attribute for effective leadership. It’s about knowing your strengths, weaknesses, emotions, values, and the impact you have on others. 

Here are some of the reasons why self-awareness is important for a leader.

In the all-time classic Christmas Movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” Clarence the Angel is told “if you’re going to help someone you need to know something about them.” That’s truer than true. It also applies to to you and me. If we’re going to help ourselves we need to know something, a lot of somethings, about ourselves. 

You won’t be certain that you’re being the very best version of yourself until you know exactly what that very best version is. That’s what self-awareness will really do for you, help you be all that you can possibly be.

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