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How to be Lucky

I’ll bet the title of this post will interest a lot of people. Sadly, many of those people will not finish reading it. They won’t get much further than the very next sentence.

You see, being lucky requires bunches of hard work.

To those of you still reading let me congratulate you on possessing one of the most important qualities of “lucky” people… perseverance. Luck has a much easier time finding people who remain in the game after the “unlucky” people have given up. So many times success in business, and in life, is just over that next horizon. Pushing yourself beyond what you thought were your limits will often provide you with the “luck” that you need to succeed.

Lucky people don’t wait around for something good to happen; they make good things happen by taking the initiative. Hockey great Wayne Gretzky is quoted as saying “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” He scored a lot of goals and he took a lot of shots; the two tend to go hand-in-hand. 

You seldom see truly successful people sitting around saying “somebody ought to do something.” They know that they are somebody so instead of saying anything, they just get busy doing something. They are willing to risk failure so that they have a chance to succeed. When they fail, and make no mistake, they do fail, they learn from the failure and work harder so “luck” has a better chance of finding them next time.

Lucky people have a plan and it’s not only in their head. They have it written down. In great detail and with awesome specificity. The plan includes action steps all along the way. They don’t just read their plan, the execute their plan…every day.

Unlucky people say these people with a plan are lucky. Those unlucky people are correct. What the unlucky people don’t realize is that the lucky people made their luck when they made their plan.

Lucky people have a mentor or a coach. Their mentor helps them develop and execute their plan. Their mentor doesn’t allow them to quit. Their mentor pushes them to take the initiative. When they fail their mentor picks them up and shoves them back into the game. 

Their mentor is like their “lucky charm.” When people have a coach or mentor who truly cares about their success then they are not only lucky, they are blessed.

It’s tough to succeed and some days it may feel as if it’s getting tougher by the minute. Every successful person has had some help along the way with developing their own “luck.” If you truly want to be successful then find yourself a mentor and ask for their help. 

You will be surprised at just how lucky you really are!

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