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Spend or Invest?


This title just sounds like money, doesn’t it? Should I spend my cash on something or invest it so I might have even more later?

Well, this post is most certainly not about money, it’s about something much more valuable, it’s about people.

So here’s the question right up front… When interacting with people, are you spending time on them or investing time with them?

That’s two completely different mindsets and they often lead to two completely different outcomes. Spending time on your people could indicate that interacting with people is not the highlight of your day. Investing time with your people could mean that you understand the value of all people and that you realize that your role as a leader is, at least partially, to make a positive difference in their lives.

Let’s go to a little deeper level than just work or business. Imagine the difference in your actions and attitude in these two scenarios: You’ve been really busy and “the kids” have suffered because of it. They just haven’t seen much of you lately so you commit to spend some time with them this coming weekend….. or, you realize your vital role in their life and commit to invest some of your time with them this weekend.

One scenario has the potential to cause you to go through the motions, it could be the cause of your divided attention. Spending time on, or even with anyone seldom means real commitment.

Now let’s consider the other scenario, you are committed to invest time with your kids. You plan the weekend out and you also plan to keep the distractions away. You take (as do most people) your investments much more seriously than you do your spending so you really put a part of yourself into the weekend.

Imagine the difference in the lives of your kids!

If you think I’m just playing word games here, you’re right. However, words are what we use to talk ourselves into more productive actions. Words make us think! Don’t use another minute of your day without asking yourself “do I want this time to be used as an expense or an investment?” The difference in those two words will change your actions and very well may change your life or the life of someone important to you.


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