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Pushing Yourself to Success

I’ve known a whole lot of very smart people with a ton of potential. All they needed was a break or two and someone to push them forward towards success. Unfortunately neither of those “needs” were ever fulfilled. So, much of their smarts, talents and abilities where left unused. 

They have done okay in life, outside observers might even say they have done better than just okay. But the people themselves often lament the fact that their “big break” never happened. They didn’t have that person in their lives they needed to really push them to use those smarts, talents and abilities. I feel bad for them. 

I feel bad because in fact they did have that person in their lives. In fact, they saw that person everyday. Every time they looked in the mirror that person stared back at them. That’s also the person who could have given them their big break if only they had made the effort. 

Full success was always there for the taking, they only had to stop waiting and start doing. 
Pushing yourself to success involves a combination of attitude, strategies, and consistent effort. Two of those you have complete and total control over. Once you realize that you’ll be a hard person to stop.

When you decide to control your attitude and give your best effort at every opportunity you can use these steps to push yourself to your full potential. 

Pushing yourself to success is a gradual process that requires dedication and perseverance. Be patient with yourself. Some days you’ll say the heck with it, I need me time. That’s fine too. Don’t be afraid to seek guidance or support when needed. The journey may have challenges, but the rewards are well worth the effort. I’ve yet to find a single person who regrets using their God given talents and abilities to their fullest potential. I’m certain you won’t be the first.

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