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How Important are You?

vip2012Are you an important person? Are you perhaps even a Very Important Person? Are you more important than someone else?

If the answer to those first two questions was a resounding yes then good for you. Understanding that you have value in this world and to those around you is healthy and in fact necessary for success.

If however, your answer to that third question was also a yes, even a hesitant yes, well then not so good for you.

It’s great to know that no one in this world is more important than you. It’s only useful to know it if you also know that you’re no more important than anyone else. As you’re sitting on the bus in traffic looking at the person in the back seat of a limousine you may be tempted to think that person must be pretty important. They are – just NOT MORE important than you.

They may have a more important job, the decisions they are required to make may be more impactful than the decisions you have to make in yours. They may get paid more, they may have a bigger house or even houses than you. They are NOT however more important as a person than you or anyone else.

Leaders are people, just people. They begin to fail as a leader the moment they begin to think they are something more. They begin to lose touch with the world and the people who make them a leader. Their view of reality begins to cloud over and they begin to believe that they “deserve” more than the people they lead.

Leaders who think they are better people than those they lead build walls between themselves and their people. They kill the morale of the people that both the leader and their people will need to succeed. Leaders who think they are better people than anyone else are poor leaders indeed.

They miss the most vital part of leadership: an understanding that leadership is about people, people and only people. Anything in business, or life, not related to people is just management or process. When people are involved, it’s leadership.

Anything that someone in a leadership position does that separates them from their people makes them a less effective leader. ANYTHING!

No one is more important and you’re no more important than anyone else. When you live your life with that simple balance, people will be drawn to you and your leadership experience will be one that makes a difference for everyone it touches.

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