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Why Vote?


I’m not sure you’ve heard but there is a little election coming up in the United States. A couple of guys running for President seem to be the big news but there is a lot more going on than just that.

There are elections all across the land, for federal office, for state office, and tons and tons of local elections too. There are amendments and vital funding measures on almost every ballot.

It is not an overstatement to say that in one way or another, every single US citizen will be affected by the outcome of these elections.

Yet, many states will struggle to get 50% of registered voters to actually vote. That is sad, scary and downright disappointing on many levels.

It is also not an overstatement to say that many Americans have fought and many have even given their lives so that their fellow Americans could maintain the right to vote.

The right to vote – why do so many Americans take that for granted? Maybe it’s because they have always had it. Perhaps they believe that no matter what, they always will.

What if you knew that this was your final opportunity to vote? What if the rules said that if a minimum of 98% of eligible voters didn’t vote then “votes” would be done away with and the will of the few would be imposed on the many?

You wouldn’t allow that would to happen would you? Well, if you don’t vote, you DO allow that to happen. You matter and so does your vote. Your person or cause may not win but when you vote, you do.

Voting says that you care about people other than yourself. It says that you believe your opinion can make a difference. It says that you will be heard.

So get busy now, find out the positions of the candidates. Find out what those amendments mean. Find out where you go to vote, make a plan on how to get there. Don’t let anything, anyone or any excuse keep you from exercising this all important right.

Don’t just say you care, show it. VOTE!

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