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Your Attitude is Your Choice


We make choices all day everyday. When to wake up, what to wear, what to eat, and many many more. Some of our choices are conscious decisions and some, regrettably are unconscious.

When our choices are conscious we have the opportunity to control them, when our choices are unconscious they just kind of happen. Unconscious decisions tend to become habits and it seems that they are most often bad habits at that.

One of our most important choices is the choice of our attitude. Do you realize that you, and only you, choose your attitude? Everyday.

When we make it a conscious choice we almost always have a better attitude. When our choice is unconscious we let other people and other things make that choice for us and that choice is often a negative attitude.

Another choice we can make to help ourselves have a positive attitude is the choice of who we associate with. A sad fact of life is that not everyone really does love a winner. There are people near us that might actually prefer that we fail. They see the negative side of everything we do and say. They have more influence on our attitude than we might imagine.

Stay away from those that would like to see you fail, stay away from those that tell you that you can’t succeed and never, never, never tell yourself that you can’t have everything that you deserve.

Our attitude is either our greatest asset or one of our greatest stumbling blocks. It’s completely our choice and it’s a choice we need to make every single day.

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