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How to Succeed While Being Lazy


I’m still experimenting with this whole blog thing, determining when it’s best to blog, how often to blog, stuff like that. An experienced blogger told me I needed more “catchy” titles for my posts. The kind of title that would really “grab” people and make them want to read the post.

So… how’s this title? If I’m right, there will be a bunch of people here that have never seen this blog before. And I promise to share with you all everything I know about succeeding as a lazy person.

I’ve also been told that a good blogger will “tease” the readers by leaving the best for last so I figured before I got to the good stuff (succeeding while being lazy) I’d share a bit of info on a few of the things that non-lazy people do to succeed.

Non-lazy people invest their time developing a plan. They build contingencies into the plan so when things go wrong they are prepared for that as well.

Non-lazy people continually seek to improve themselves. They never stop learning, they push themselves to try new things. Here’s an interesting fact: the most successful people tend to read more than less successful people do. It always kinds of surprises me that lazy people just can’t find the time to read but non-lazy people, the ones who “seem” busier, do find the time to read. Go figure…

Non-lazy people work to control their attitude. The same negative “stuff” happens to non-lazy people as it does to lazy people. The difference is that non-lazy people actually think that they have some control over their attitude and WORK to make sure it stays positive. Lazy people see the fallacy in that and just “go with the flow”. The “flow” often resembles a toilet, but hey, they’re lazy so what can you expect.

Speaking of expectations, non-lazy people expect great things from themselves. They hold themselves to a higher than average standard and thus, they achieve much more than most people.

But enough with the “tease,” it’s time to share how to succeed while remaining lazy. As we transition into this part of the post I will hold nothing back. I’ll provide you with everything I’ve ever learned about how to succeed while being lazy.

So, here we go…

Well, that’s about it for another post. (I guess I didn’t know that much on the subject after all) I’m not sure I like all this catching and teasing stuff. I might just go back to the straight-forward kinda stuff. It actually seems easier and after all, this post is sort of about being lazy.

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